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Max Guevara
10 November
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Max Guevera Facts
Name: Max Guevera
Alias: X5-452, Baby Girl, Boo, Maxie
Main Character Trait: Biologically engineered super soldier
Abilities: Knows numbers by listening to tone, even by speed dial. Ability to see distances and in the dark, run fast, amazing strength and agility. Her blood is a universal donor, as well as containing stem cells. Because of this she can heal faster. She has great memory and is a skilled chess player.
Weakness: Seizures controlled by Tryptophan (past), Virus that is dangerous to Logan, Hates guns because of Eva's death
Occupation: Jam Pony courier
Height: 5’6”
Color of Hair: Brown
Color of eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Marks: Barcode tattoo on the back of the neck (332960073452), rune like tattoos
Allies: Original Cindy, Kendra, Logan Cale, Zack, Herbal Thought, Sketchy, Alec, Joshua, Brain (deceased), Sandeman, Normal, Mole
Enemies: Donald Lydecker(whereabouts unknown), Ames White, Dr. Elizabeth Renfro (deceased), Breeding Cult
Invetro Fertilization in 2000 then carried to term by a Surrogate mother. Was genetically engineered to be an advanced infantry soldier. The technical term is Chimera. She was part of a government military program called Project Manticore.

Max’s mother was 20 years old when she became a surrogate. She was seven months pregnant with Max when she tried to escape the facility. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it out of the building. Her mother carried Max to term where she fought hard once again. She wanted to keep the baby, not give it to the government to turn her into a ‘super soldier’. In the end, Max’s mother was taken away to a psych hospital. Away from her child.

Max was conditioned to duty, teamwork and discipline along with the other transgenics. That training also taught her how to kill a man before she was nine years old. It was Zack’s idea to break out of the military compound in May 2009 a few months before the Electromagnetic Pulse (The Pulse).

She was one of the twelve that was able to make it over the fence and to freedom. Hannah Sukova was leaving Manticore when she spotted Max on the side of the road. She pulled over and helped Max escape by hiding on the floor of her car. After this, Max moved from foster home to foster home until she reached eighteen. She never forgot the kindness of Hannah or the desire to find the other transgenics that escaped.

After ten years of trying to blend in and not be caught by Lydecker or the hover drones, Max found her way to Seattle. She got a job as a courier at Jam Pony where she works for Normal. At first it had been a place to just get a Sector Pass and case places to steal. After she met Sketchy, Herbal Thought and her best friend Original Cindy there, it became home. To subsidize her income, Max used her abilities to steal and sell the objects on the black market. During one penthouse break-in, Max inadvertently learned the identity of Eyes Only. This led to a partnership and more with Logan Cale.

Logan and Max have a complicated relationship. It started out as a mutual using of each other. Logan used Max’s ‘unique’ abilities to get things for him as Eyes Only and Max used his connections to find out information about her siblings. That aspect of their relationship didn’t last long as they began to dance around each other and the attraction they were beginning to feel. Both were in denial of their true feelings for a while. Just when they could have acted on it, they were separated.

Max, Zack, Logan, Syl, Krit and Lydecker planned an assault on Manticore to get Brin out after she’d been captured. Max was shot and believed killed in action, when in reality she’d been taken to the medical facility. Zack gave his life so that Renfro would use his heart to bring Max back to life after she'd been shot. Max remained in Manticore, ‘playing’ along until she could escape.

While at Manticore she met X5-493, Ben’s twin, who was assigned to Max as her breeding partner. She gave him the name Alec (Smart aleck) and ‘politely’ refused to be his partner by kicking his ass. She dug a ‘tunnel’ from her cell out and while during a recon mission found Joshua in the basement. They struck up a friendship and she found a window that led to her escape. What she didn’t know was that Alec’s mission was to ‘help’ Max escape so that she could infect Eyes Only with the killer virus targeted to his DNA.

Max escaped Manticore with the help of Alec and Joshua, and during the escape they destroyed Manticore and let out all the transgenics. While this was a very good thing, it also brought Max a whole different set of problems. They weren’t a secret anymore. Everyone knew about the ‘mutants’ among them. This knowledge culminated in a stand-off at Jam Pony curriers and then in Terminal City.

She was tired of running, and tired of hiding in the shadow. It was time to take a stand and make the government acknowledge what they’d done. Max, Joshua, Mole, Dix, Logan, Alec, Original Cindy, Sketchy and the others stood on a rooftop and raised the Freak Nation flag that Joshua had made. They weren’t in the shadows anymore.

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[Disclaimer: I am not Max Guevara. She is a fictional character that belongs to the brilliant James Cameron. I am also not Jessica Alba. She is the actress in the icons and she belongs to herself. This journal is for entertainment purposes only and is part of Gotham:Year One RPG.]