[Private Entry]
haunted by the memories
I thought I saw Logan today. God, that hurt. I knew it wasn’t as soon as I got a better look at him but it still hurt. Maybe it’s because Dick reminds me so much of Logan that I saw him where he wasn’t. Then life kicked me in the teeth and the crime scene where I saw the guy, was a kid from the streets. Pete.

Need to find out what happened, doubt they even filed a report on him. Cops will probably just forget about him, they would in Seattle. Riftie kid on the streets, no kick back money to be had or no one to care about him. That’s where they’re wrong, he had me.

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Private Journal Entry
[Written in a spiral notebook, shoved under her mattress]

Fate bit me on the ass but at least it turned out okay. I hate going into heat. I hate that Manticore still has some control over my life and always will. If I could figure out a way to channel it or something. I don’t know. I got lucky with Jason. It could have turned out like crap but it didn’t. It’s not so bad having him for a roommate.

I thought my life was weird. Gotham? That’s weird. They claim this stuff is the rift or “magic”. Dunno about that. The forgetting thing? That smelled like Psy Ops and government. Too many people like the ready excuse of magic. Maybe it is, but maybe it’s something more. Rather trust in the government crapping all over me than it’s “magic”.

Think it’s time I started learning about this place. Maybe see if there’s a courier service. Nothing better than learning and moving around undetected than a messenger services.


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